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El Catrín

Genève, 45-60€
27/05/2021: Très belle découverte. Tous les plats et Tacos étaient excellents. Bien sûr, toujours trop cher, mais c'est Genève... Cela ne nous empêchera pas d'y retourner.
16/05/2021: Enfin trouvé un restaurant mexicain dont les produits nous ramènent au Mexique... Merci !!!!


Taco Rico

Genève, 20-30€
05/06/2021: Excellent qualité, quantité, prix et acceuil. En plus musique sympathique.
27/05/2021: Very tasty food and good selection


Café Cuba

Genève, 30-45€
15/05/2021: Endroit très sympa, belle terrasse et bon accueil, pas contre 7CHF pour 1dl de rosé, donc un peu cher
02/03/2021: This is a pretty cool bar with latino music, great cocktails and a true personality! You can have a good time there and warm up before going out...


Los Bandidos

Genève, <20€
24/05/2021: Sabroso pero caro... Te cobran cualquier cosa extra que quieras poner.
04/03/2021: Since I came back from CA, I was craving Mexican. So today we ordred a chicken Burrito here.We ordred a pick up online, it said 15minutes.Frist off I knew there is no quick parking near there so I waited in the car while my son went and grabbed the food. Of course, lack of parking is not directly their fault and is not accounting for my ratin. But they still choose the location in the end.There were two people ahead of him and the lady preped the food for them. She seemed to be inexperienced, that's ok though.When it was his turn the burrito was still not done and se prepared it as if we had not ordered, even though she went from the online order screen. We asked no tomatoes, there wer tomatos.A first glance at the burrito fro Fr 17.- It looked small but if it's good, I'm ok to pay it.Here both our taste expericence.THe cheddar cheese was tasteless and gummy. The white sauce was ghosty. The chicken was good but just averagely so.The tortilla was ok.So it wasn't an amazing food experience for a hefly price and slow service. So I don't know how I could be convinced to pay for food there any more.On the plus side, their own website ordreing process is straight forward, clear and concise. It says clearly what is in each meal and you can add extras at the end and choose delivery or pickup, although the latter seemed to not have worked today.this shoulc really be an Fr 8.- product. I pay 11 or 12 for a really good kebab in Pt Lancy and there is tons of meat and it is preped super fast.I hope to see this place improve as it is fairly close to my house and could satisfy my Mexican food cravings.


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